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Can you Trust Online Shopping for Hair and Beauty Products?

Can you Trust Online Shopping for Hair and Beauty Products?

Online shopping for Hair and Beauty products have reached a high. Firstly because it’s really, really easy. Sit on your sofa in front of your favourite programme and within minutes your products can be on their way!

But one major problem many online shoppers experience is the risk they take in getting the right product – and of course, knowing it’s a legit site and not scammers taking your hard earned cash!

This is why we launched our online hair and beauty store. As a professional and reputable Hair and Skin Salon now online, we’ve  taken these risks away for you. Not only will you never run out of your favourites, you’ll always know your’re buying them from local professionals and that we are here to help you get the the right products.                          simply click here

Hey, it can be so confusing buying hair and beauty products online – even for us hairdressers and beauty therapists, staring at a wall of products can temporarily confuse us!

So, here’s what you can do.

Because we are experts in Hair and Skin you can message us if your’re not sure about a product or have any questions – so you can always be sure to get the product that’s perfectly right for you!

Feel free to pick up the phone too – yep we’re real! ph 03 4896949

Have a question? Simply go here

And we’ll be sure to answer it as soon as we can for you.

Now your can shop online confidently, knowing your are backed by a team of  professionals who know what’s right for your hair and skin!

Enjoy the shop! And please let us now if we can help in any way.

Cheers Vicki





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